This weekend I finished up sewing a batch of new plushies.  I’m trying to get in the mood for winter, but here in southern California, it is in the 90’s still.  And the last thing on my mind is hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and crackling fires (unless its the kind of fires that are burning up half the state :p).

In a sort of “if you build it, they will come” scenario, I set up my sewing machine next to the AC, and started thinking wintery thoughts.

Eeek. Naked mice everywhere.

I had a lot of fun making these little ladies.  Each one has a coat made of felt, a fleece scarf and a cotton skirt.  I made them removable so if the weather doesn’t cool off soon, they can run free through the house naked if they want.

They are about six inches tall.  I’ve listed a few in my etsy shop, and the rest will be going to the Brick Basement in Fullerton for their Christmas open house.

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